Easy monitoring for long running shell commands

Mon.sh makes it easy to monitor long running shell commands like builds, scraping or data processing, data migration, machine learning training scripts, etc. without spending time setting up instrumentation or having to babysit them. Mon.sh streams command output to the cloud and enables monitoring and notifications from the web and mobile devices.

Don't waste time baby sitting your builds, scripts, or other long running tasks.

Monitor them from afar simply by appending " | mon" to your command. Know when tasks error or finish with customizable notifications and events.

Support for an ever growing list of events means you can track scripts with ease without adding more code.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email support@mon.sh and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

    • How do I sign up?

      Click the "Get started today" button above. Usage is free during beta.* (usage may be throttled if exceeding certain limits). Signing up is as simple as visiting the dashboard page and entering your email.

    • Will it be free?

      During the immediate beta usage is free. Pricing will likely be usage based.

    • How do I delete my data?

      Contact support@mon.sh and we will do that for you, data deletion functionality and policies are coming.

    • What do I do if something is not working?

      Contact support@mon.sh and we will take care of it!

    • I am worried about the mon command potentially causing my scripts to fail. What have you done to ensure that it will not?

      The mon command will always fail by writing warning messages to the output.

    • I see running jobs on my dashboard that will not go away! What do I do about it?

      We are working on hung job detection and alerting.

    • Can I alert on exceptions and errors in the logs?

      Log based events are coming soon.

    • What is the point of this?

      Constantly checking in on long running operations can waste a lot of time and mental bandwidth, especially if they fail and you are not aware of it.

    • I have a feature suggestion, what do I do?

      Contact support@mon.sh, we would love to hear it.